Previous sale results

2016 Spring Bull Sale
We were delighted with our spring sale results which saw 83 bulls sold to a top $16,000 to average $10,744.00.  Paul Ferry Abingdon Station Nangus  purchased the top bull NGX L18 along with 4 other bulls to average $13,400 for his draft.  Garry Williamson Abingdon Station said they buy Bongongo bulls because  “the proof is in the pudding” reflecting on the exceptional results they get at their annual on property weaner sale.

Coots Creek Angus secured 8 bulls to average $14,563.00. While Brad Ruwald Jiparu Murrumbateman purchased 7 bulls to average $10,500.00 to a top of $15,000 for Bongongo K993 a Rennylea G255 son.  Another repeat client Chris Longley Longaroo Yass averaged $11,200 for his 5 bulls.

The sale was opened by Brendan Maher RUOK CEO.  We made a donation of the sale average to RUOK as we have done for the last couple of years to support mental health.  We would like to thank Steve Ridley our auctioneer and Elders for conducting our sale.  Finally we would like to thank all the  bidders, underbidders, family and friends for their overwhelming support on the day!

2016 Autumn Helmsman Sale

Sale results summary:

2018 autumn top $14,000 av $7,880
2017 spring top $15,500 av $8,265
2017 autumn top $17,000 av $9,100
2016 spring top $16,000 av $10,744
2016 autumn top $15,000 av $7,960
2015 spring top $17,500(2X) av $10,500
2015 autumn top $9,000 av $6,472
2014 spring top $10,500 av $5,900
2014 autumn top $8,500 (2X) av $5,300
2013 spring top $8,000 av $5,200
2012 spring top $8,500 av $5,600
2012 autumn top $8,000 av $5,175
2011 spring top $8,500 av $5,775
2010 spring top $10,250 av $5,360
2009 spring top $9,500 av $5,290
2008 spring top $9,000 av $5,517
2007 spring top $7,250 av $4,182
2006 sale top $8,250 av $4,020

A very successful bull sale on Monday May 23rd saw a total clearance of all 42 bulls offered to a top of $15,000.00 to average $7,960.00.

The top priced bull Bongongo NGX K319 was purchased by return clients Graeme, Carol and Robbie Harris “Springvale” Coolac.  The Harris’ also purchased Bongongo NGX K218 for $12,000.00.
A significant purchase of 5 bulls was made by Brian Boyd Wyangle Tumut.  John Graham ‘Boonongo’ Morundah paid an average of $11,250.00 for 2 sires.  Merriment Pastoral Co Forbes 2 sires to average $8,750.00.  The Lenehan family Beggan Beggan Harden took 2 bulls home to average $9,250.00. K.B and S.J. Mitchell Tooma purchased 2 sires and The Armstrong family Baltimore Junee took home 2 bulls.

Thank you to all our clients for their outstanding support.