Our Breeding Philosophy

At Bongongo we are focused on breeding and supplying Angus bulls with a balance of key traits important for commercial beef production.  We provide plenty of excellent quality genetics at good value.  BREEDPLAN plays an important role but we remain focussed on the commercial reality of Australian beef production.  Our pasture production system makes this possible and is stocked at a level well above district stocking rates.

The emphasis at Bongongo has always been in the strength of the  female herd. Bongongo females have been carefully selected for fertility, milking ability, structural soundness and length. The progeny of these cows are today in high demand by feedlots for steer calves plus commanding premium for surplus female lines.  Not much has changed in 35 years as a cattle vet as FERTILITY remains the key profit driver in your cattle breeding business and matching your herd to your environment is critical.

The ability for breeders to select for key traits through ultrasonic scanning has been the single biggest development over the last twenty years giving Angus breeders an enormous benefit for carcass selection traits. Leading Angus sires that fit these criteria are used extensively through artificial breeding to improve the genetics of our herd so our clients herds do the same. The importance of marbling (IMF) is back on the agenda as the red meat sector moves through genetics and nutrition to supply improved eating quality and increased value down the chain. The consumer is becoming more educated, demanding and able to afford and our breed is in a tremendous position to take advantage of their requirements.
Those breeders that have concentrated their breeding program through consistent selection of high merit carcass bulls are in a better position to take advantage of supply chain initiatives moving forward. We finally are moving (slowly) into these potential bonuses. An often asked question when larger feedlots and others are purchasing feeder steers and heifers from Angus or Angus infused program is “what is the source of your sires and their relevant genetics’
Over the last year we have decided to use GENOMIC testing (Zoetis i50k test) to enhance our EBV accuracy and check parentage of all our sale bulls.  The future of breeding will involve more molecular testing through DNA.  This is a great advance to develop our Breedplan EBV’s into an even better world leading program.

Finally the importance of a Bull Breeding Soundness Examination (BBSE) prior to sale should be an industry standard to ensure bull fertility and protect buyers from poor reproductive performance.

We are extremely pleased by our return clients who are seeing the success of using Bongongo genetics and the positive impact our bulls are having on their herds.