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Graham family 2010
Bill, Shauna, Georgia, Jess, Lauren and Tom Graham (2010)

Since 1999, generational change has seen the running of the Bongongo stud handed over to Bill his wife Shauna and their four children Lauren, Tom, Jessica and Georgia.

The stud today runs over 900 registered breeders and is backed up by a commercial. It is now based at “Riverview” on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River at Gobarralong (between Jugiong and Coolac). Another property in the higher, cold country at Adjungbilly adds balance to our country. Recently we have aquired another property at Tumblong south of Gundagai to expand our beef breeding enterprise.

Bill, a large animal veterinarian specialising in cattle reproduction, has extensive knowledge of all levels of the breeding industry. He applies his skills to the Bongongo herd with the same disciplines as his vet business. Extensive AI & ET work continues on an annual basis with the first use of AI on his cattle back in 1974.

Recently in November 2012, Tom, who graduated from the University of Sydney in 2009 with a dregee in Veterinary Science, returned home to work in our family business joining his father Bill running Coolac Veterinary Services and in the family farming business which includes the Bongongo Angus Stud.  This is a very exciting move and we look forward to having Tom working with us in our very busy enterprises!

Particularly over the last 35 years, extensive use of  AI and ET has allowed the stud to utilise genetics from New Zealand, Australia and the USA. This has been combined with performance recording (BREEDPLAN) and rigid structural assessment. This dynamic process also has to fit the basics of breeding sound  functional cattle. A key objective is to ensure that Bongongo continues to breed high performance cattle suited to the Australian commercial breeder.

Since 1995  in early October the annual Bongongo Bull Sale and Commercial Female sale has been  held at “Bongongo” Adjungbilly. Despite Bill’s brothers David, John and Paul all running their separate farm businesses with their own large commercial herds, all the brothers combined to run this successful sale where they offered commercial females for sale.   Sadly after much consideration the Spring 2012 sale will be the final sale held at ‘Bongongo”.  It just makes sense to move all our sales to “Riverview”, our home base and not cart our sale bulls to “Bongongo” on sale day.  This means the bulls will be more relaxed in their home environment.  We will hold all our Bongongo Angus sales at “Riverview”.  Our Spring Bull sale is  on Wednesday 1st October 2014 by Video Auction offering 60 bulls.    More information is in the sale section.


Tom and Bill with Autumn Sale Bulls 2013 at Riverview

Tom and Bill with Autumn Sale Bulls 2013 at Riverview

Bill & David Graham

Sale Bulls at Riverview

Bill & Paul Graham at Bongongo Sale

Jess, Matilda and George Graham